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Forum Rules--PLEASE read before posting New Announcement! posted by Tha Gunslinga     (December 21, 2010 through December 31, 2030)
The Bad Trader Alerts Forum is provided in order to single out those traders who are not fulfilling their part of a deal.

The BTA Forum is the most serious forum on MOTL. Jazaray said it best, so I'm going to quote her:

Recently, there have been a LOT of people posting nonsense and such on BTA threads. You are NOT to post on a BTA thread unless:

A) You posted the person.
B) You are the person posted.
C) You are someone else who has an unresolved trading problem with the person posted.
D) You are a person pointing out a rules violation, or the need for evidence.

If you are not one of these four things, you will be warned for posting.

The only exception to this is if you're posting to offer assistance, such as if you know the accused ripper in person, and you can talk to them, or you know what's going on with them.

Acceptable reasons to put someone in the BTA include:

1. They were to send first, and did not

2. They backed out of a deal after addresses were exchanged and sending order is agreed upon (or, if they were to send first, after you sent them your address and they agreed to send, this includes paypal addresses as well.)

3. You sent your side of the deal, and they did not send theirs

4. They sent their package at least 1 week after they were supposed to.

5. You received cards that did not match what you were supposed to receive, whether by edition, condition, language, or the cards themselves were incorrect.

If condition is not discussed or mentioned IN WRITING, EX or better condition is to be expected. If your cards are in worse condition, you must let the other trader know.

If language isn't discussed IN WRITING, cards are expected to be English.

Cards are expected to be tournament-legal if not discussed. This means no Collector's Edition, gold-bordered, or any other special version of a card that isn't legal in a sanctioned event that said card is legal in. Beatdown, Anthologies, etc. are perfectly fine.

Finally, you may BTA someone if you have evidence that they are a returning banned member or if an account has been hacked (ie, if the person using a MOTL account is not the person who created the account).

However, you may only post someone to the BTA if your transaction originated on MOTL. If you dealt on another site, MOTL has no jurisdiction.

BTA filing must be done in a timely manner. Although you should not rush to post a BTA case, you also must not wait forever to do so either. Due to the needs for people to not hold onto every postal receipt they've ever gotten and the inability of even the postal service to maintain tracking and confirmation records forever, there will be a deadline for posting complaints. You have 1 month from the last response that you have received from the other party to make a claim, or the case will be closed. This allows people to continue to try to work things out for as long as necessary, but not to discover something months later and catch someone completely unawares about an issue from long ago.

If someone has been accused of backing out of a confirmed trade, they will be given one week to respond. If they fail to do so, they will be emailed by a Moderator, then given 1 more week to respond. If they still do not respond, then the case will be closed and the people they had trades with will be free to put the cards from their side of the deal back up for trade.

Please attempt to work things out with the person BEFORE you post them here. Do not just post someone on the BTA immediately without contacting the other trader. Also, allow ample time for packages to arrive. You must wait at least 14 days for domestic mail and 1 month for international mail to arrive.

In addition, when you post someone, please post any and all evidence you have, such as PMs, IMs, emails, and tracking numbers. If you use an instant messenger service to trade, you should be saving your conversations with timestamps so they can be used as evidence.

Unacceptable reasons to post someone on the BTA:

1. They posted you. Retaliatory BTA posting is a smackable offense.

2. You have a problem with the reference they left you, or they left no reference.

3. You're just joking around. The BTA is a serious forum, and abuse of the BTA will be punished severely.

If you have been posted on the BTA, you must refrain from buying, selling, and trading on MOTL until the BTA post is finished. Your list(s) will most likely be closed while you're posted, and if you attempt to continue posting and/or ignore your BTA post, you may be warned by a moderator. If you have been posted on the BTA, or if you are the poster, please pay attention to the case. If a moderator requests an update and does not receive one, the post may be closed. If you have been posted on the BTA, you need to post on the thread and let us know what's going on. Ignoring a BTA post is a surefire way to get banned.

When the BTA post is done, and all parties have been satisfied or the BTA'd member has been smacked or banned, a moderator will close the BTA thread. Please do not delete it.

Finally, if you have posted someone on the BTA, please be patient. The BTA procedure does take time. The moderators will keep an eye on your case, and we check the BTA for new developments often. For that reason, please do not "up" your BTA post unless you have new information to add.

Changes to Sending Rules:

The following amendments to the sending rules will take effect May 28, 2012. The rules will otherwise remain in effect as they are currently written.

For any deal where the combined value of the contents sent by one party is less than $200, proof (via USPS delivery confirmation or some equivalent) that a package sent by the sending party was delivered to the receiving party will create a rebuttable presumption that the sender fulfilled his or her part of the trade.

For any deal where the combined value of the contents sent by one party is $200 or more, proof (via USPS signature confirmation or some equivalent) that a package sent by the sending party was delivered to and signed for by the receiving party (or someone at the receiving party's address) will create a rebuttable presumption that the sender fulfilled his or her part of the trade.

These presumptions may be rebutted by a preponderance of evidence that the sender did not in fact fulfill his or her part of the trade. In other words, other evidence presented by the receiving party demonstrates that there is a greater than 50% chance that the receiving party did not receive the items he or she was promised.

Waivers of Responsibility:

A waiver of responsibility is an agreement between both members to waive the senderís responsibility of lost/damaged and/or stolen mail. A waiver solely posted on a Non-Magic Have/Want, Magic Have/Want, Trade Auction, Sales or Buy List is not valid. In order for a waiver of responsibility to be valid, both members must agree to the terms and must explicitly state so.

Details of the BTA and sending procedures may be found here.

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