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Forum Rules - Changes to Sending Rules!! READ! New Announcement! posted by Jazaray     (December 21, 2010 through December 31, 2030)
These rules apply to this forum in addition to the board posting rules. Please adhere to these rules.

1. All trades made on this site are governed by the MOTL Sending Rules.

2. Please do not post topic titles with more capital letters than normally necessary. Titles like THIS or ThIs will get your post closed. Also, please don't post titles that will stretch the page.

3. Do not list cards for trade that you do not have, or are unwilling to trade. If a card is pending or gone, do not list it, period. This includes listing them in your "rules" section. We have found that people have been using this to trade "pending" cards and such. If you need to keep track of your trades, please do so in MS word or something similar.

4. Before posting on a list, please make sure it's not out-of-date. If it's been over ten days since a list was last edited or upped by the original poster, please refrain from posting on it, unless of course the list owner has recently posted on your list.

5. If you are starting a topic, you must delete your old one FIRST. In addition, if your thread ever reaches 300 posts (13 pages), please delete it and start a new one.

6. Do not slander, attack, or threaten other members. This includes, but is not limited to, calling other members rippers or bad traders, and blacklisting. If someone ripped you off, post them on the BTA. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. In addition, the use of the words "gay" and "retarded" in a derogatory way will get you a karma warning, as will anything similar (IE: slurs involving race, ethnicity, country of origin, etc.) "Gay" and "retarded" are not synonymous with "stupid;" please use them correctly.

7. Abuse of the reference system will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, giving away references, offering cards for references, swapping refs with your friends, and trading refs without actually trading cards. Remember, if you didn't exchange through the mail, you canít get a reference for it.

8. You may "up" your thread once per day.

9. This is not a forum for buying or selling, so please keep that to the Trade Auctions & Sales forum. If someone has broken the rules by posting a buylist or salelist here, please report it to a moderator. DO NOT post an offer on it.
In addition, please keep non-Magic items off this forum, as they belong in our non-Magic forum.

10. If you and your trading partner are simul-sending, the exchange of addresses confirms the trade. Backing out of the trade after this is not allowed, and if one trader does so, the other may post them on the BTA as a bad trader. If one party is sending first, then the trade is confirmed once you have agreed on sending arrangements and when the trader who is receiving first sends their address.

11. Rules that are posted in the "rules" section of your Have/Want list do NOT supercede MOTL rules. If you want a change in MOTL rules, you need to state them in your emails and the other trader needs to agree to the new terms.

12. Proxy cards are illegal. So are Foil proxy cards. Typically these cards are made by peeling foils and printing on them. These infringe on Wizards of the Coast's copyrights and are banned from MOTL. The GamingEtc P9 are still fine, but anything with the original name and/or picture is illegal.

13. If condition is not discussed or mentioned IN WRITING, EX or better condition is to be expected. If your cards are in worse condition, you must let the other trader know.

14. If language isn't discussed IN WRITING, cards are expected to be English.

15. Cards are expected to be tournament-legal if not discussed. This means no Collector's Edition, gold-bordered, or any other special version of a card that isn't legal in a sanctioned event that said card is legal in. Beatdown, Anthologies, etc. are perfectly fine.

Changes to Sending Rules:


The following amendments to the sending rules will take effect May 28, 2012. The rules will otherwise remain in effect as they are currently written.

For any deal where the combined value of the contents sent by one party is less than $200, proof (via USPS delivery confirmation or some equivalent) that a package sent by the sending party was delivered to the receiving party will create a rebuttable presumption that the sender fulfilled his or her part of the trade.

For any deal where the combined value of the contents sent by one party is $200 or more, proof (via USPS signature confirmation or some equivalent) that a package sent by the sending party was delivered to and signed for by the receiving party (or someone at the receiving party's address) will create a rebuttable presumption that the sender fulfilled his or her part of the trade.

These presumptions may be rebutted by a preponderance of evidence that the sender did not in fact fulfill his or her part of the trade. In other words, other evidence presented by the receiving party demonstrates that there is a greater than 50% chance that the receiving party did not receive the items he or she was promised.

Sending Rules
Trading disputes on MOTL are governed by the following policy. By using this site, you agree that you understand and consent to be governed by this policy for internal dispute resolutions. This policy covers all transactions where communication initiated as a result of using this site, unless both parties mutually agree on a different sending policy. If a different sending policy is agreed upon, proof of this must be furnished during any dispute resolution. Failure to abide by these terms will result in your account being banned.

The sender must make sure the cards reach their destination. Only the sender can obtain delivery confirmation proof and insure the cards against loss or damage. If a problem has occurred, please resend your part of the deal, return the cards you received (if applicable), or make appropriate monetary restitution (the parties involved can decide on which one of these options is best). If you do send anything via mail, make sure you use signature-required delivery confirmation and insure the cards so the cycle of lack of proof can end. With signature-required delivery confirmation, the recipient can then open the package in the presence of a postal employee and verify the contents with an impartial witness. If you send payment, make sure you use a check or money order that you can use as proof of payment. PayPal and other online payment services also give proof of payment.

Waivers of Responsibility: A waiver of responsibility is an agreement between both members to waive the senderís responsibility of lost,damaged and/or stolen mail. A waiver solely posted on a Non-Magic Have/Want, Magic Have/Want, Trade Auction, Sales or Buy List is not valid. In order for a waiver of responsibility to be valid, both members must agree to the terms and must explicitly state so.

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