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Forum Rules New Announcement! posted by Jazaray     (December 21, 2010 through June 06, 2020)
1. This is the General Discussion forum. Magic-related discussion goes in the Magic Discussion forum, Trade and Value questions go in the Trade and Value forum, and all other discussion belongs in this forum. Discuss whatever you want--there are no limitations except that you need to keep it family-friendly. - This includes linking to sites that contain inappropriate material

2. Please behave in an adult manner and conduct yourself maturely. This means be civil.

3. When threads reach 300 or more replies in length, a moderator will close the thread and a new continuation thread may be started. Please do not post a continuation thread before the old thread has been closed, even if it has reached 300 replies.

4. The use of the words "gay" and "retarded" in a derogatory way will get you a karma warning, as will anything similar. "Gay" and "retarded" are not synonymous with "stupid;" please use them correctly.

5. No Gambling.

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